Fire Pits

The Art of Fire

Introducing these bold outdoor living and landscape features, an artistic combination of form and function.
This fire feature line of products have been created by finding items that are naturally beautiful, fire burners are added and they are turned into statement pieces that will be sure to become the centrepiece of any patio or landscape design.

* Easy install and ignition, click and turn.
* Jetted for propane, a propane gas bottle is required.
* Eco Stone items weigh approximately 70 kg
* Natural Stone items weigh approximately 130-160 kg depending on size
* All items come complete with matching gas bottle covers, fire pit cover and
lava rock.





Lunar Bowl
Eco Stone
Grey or Cream
1000mm diameter (approx.)
Product Code. OFG101








Eco Stone
1000mm x 1000mm
Product Code. OFG103










Amish Square
Ash wood legs
Blue Stone Top
1000mm diameter (approx.)
Product Code. OFM101-2











Eco Stone
1000mm diameter (approx.)
Product Code. OFE102










Tree Stump
Eco Stone
1100mm diameter (approx.)
Product Code. OFE101











Work Shop Coffee Table
Ash Wood Legs
Blue Stone Top
1500 x 900mm (approx.)
Product Code. OFM106